Frequently Asked Questions

Will a kydex holster cause my gun to wear?
Yes, as with any holster.  The inside of a kydex holster is very smooth and non abrasive if kept clean. However, over time it may cause some parts of the slide or frame to wear.  We take steps in our design process to prolong your guns finish.  In my opinion, my daily carry piece is a tool that may save the life of a loved one.   It is not a show piece or a family heirloom its a tool.

What is the purpose of a sweat guard?
The sweat guard acts as a barrier between your body or clothing and the gun.  Medium sweat guard is standard and preferred on the range and carry holster.

Can I adjust the cant on my holster?
Yes, belt loops can be adjusted up or down the rivets on your holster simply by unscrewing the mounting hardware. You must use a non-permanent thread locking compound once you’ve tighten your screws.

What is the difference between the .060 and the .080 kydex?
The .060 is thinner and will flex more with your body movements.  The .060 is recommended for inside the waistband carry.  The .080 is considered heavy duty and recommended for hard use.

Is there retention on a light bearing holster when the light is not installed?
No.  The retention point is on the light itself.

I have a handgun not listed on your site.  Can you still make me a holster?
Please send us a request and if we can find a mold, there is a possibility that we will be able to make you a holster.