m_Glock Mag in a 3i IWB mag carrier

IWB Inside the Waistband Mag Carrier


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Product Description

Our Quick Clip Inside the Waistband Mag Carrier is a great option for carrying an extra magazine.  These mag carriers are low profile and offer adjustable retention.  You can loosen or tighten the retention of your mag carrier via a Philips head set screw.

These mag carriers can also be worn outside the pants.  Simply Clip the mag carrier over your pants and belt.  The bullets would be oriented in the opposite direction as inside the pants.  Keep that in mind when ordering.



Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Gun Type

Glock 42, Glock 43, Glock 9 and 40, HiPoint C9, HiPoint JHP45, M&P Shield 9 and 40, M&P Fullsize 9 and40



Worn On

Left side – right handed shooter, Right side – left handed shooter

Belt Loop

1.5 inch inside the waistband, 1.75 inch inside the waistband

Bullet Orientation

Bullet tips facing forward (towards belt buckle), Bullet tips facing rearward


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