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Quick Clip Inside Waistband Holster

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Ulticlip is a new option we are offering for those customers who do not wear belts!  A great option for those of you who wear scrubs or yoga pants!  The holster still fits inside the waistband and the clip just snaps over the edge into place.  You can draw without the holster letting go!  

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Product Description

The name says it all.  This holster can be inserted or removed from the waistband in a moments notice, whether you choose the Quick Clip or the Ulticlip.  The user can choose appendix carry, strong side carry, or small of the back carry.  Two set screws allow the user to adjust the retention of the holster via a screwdriver. An injection molded clip is coupled with.080 kydex to create a low profile and lightweight holster. The Quick clip is available with or without a sweat guard.  note: the sweat guard protects the safety from being accidentally disengaged. If your gun has a safety we recommend ordering your Quick Clip Holster with a sweat guard.




Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Gun Type

Beretta 92 FS, Bersa .380, Browning Black Label Compact, Browning Black Label .380 Full Size, Browning High Power, Colt Commander, Colt Mustang, CZ P10 C, CZ P07, PFN 5.7, Glock 17/22, Glock 19/23, Glock 19/23 Gen 5, Glock 26/27, Glock 43, Glock 42, Glock 20/21, Glock 29/30, Glock 34/35, Hi-Point C9, Hi-Point 45 ACP, HK VP9, Keltec PF 9, Keltec PMR 30, Kimber Micro 9, Kimber Micro .380, Kimber Ultra Carry, M&P 22 Compact, M&P Shield, M&P 9/40 full, Ruger American Compact 9mm, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCP 2, Ruger LC9/LC380, Ruger LC9s, Ruger SR9, Ruger SR22, Ruger SR9C, SCCY cpx-1 (with safety), SCCY cpx-2 (no sweatguard), Sig P226, Sig P238, Sig P229, Sig 320 Compact, Sig 320 9/40 Full, Sig 320×5 5″, Sig P938, Sig P2340, Sig P250, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38 Revolver, Smith & Wesson SD9VE, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 w/ crimson trace laser, Springfield XDM 9/40 3.8″, Springfield XD subcompact 3″ 9/40, Springfield XD Mod 2 Subcompact, Springfield XD/9/40 subcompact, Springfield 1911 Full Size .45, Springfield 1911 w/ rail 5″, Springfield XD9/40 4″, Springfield XDS 4″, Taurus PT111 G2, Taurus 357 M605 subcompact, Taurus TCP 380, Taurus Millennium 140 Pro, Taurus 709/740 Slim




Right, Left

Belt Loop Size

1.5 inch inside the waistband, 1.75 inch inside the waistband

Sweat Guard

Sweat Guard, No Sweat Guard

Belt Loop Style

Quick Clip, Ulticlip


Adjustable, Not Adjustable

5 reviews for Quick Clip Inside Waistband Holster

  1. 5 out of 5


    had Jared make me a Quick Clip for my M&P Shield. I liked it so much I had him make one for my PF9. The positioning of the clip allows for deep concealment. There is enough material to protect the gun from sweat but doesn’t get in the way when drawing the firearm. Some kydex holsters are molded around the trigger. The Quick Clip has a completely covered trigger guard but the kydex never touches the actual trigger of my gun. Fit and finish is great and so is the price!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Absolutely impressive product.I recently got out of the military, that being said,I have been exposed to both poor and great quality tactical gear. I would refer 3i products to anyone looking for quality gear that is comfortable,practical, and above all, reliable. Not only the quick clip IWB but also the range holsters have my thumbs up and will continue recommend these outstanding products. thank you again 3I.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have one of these for my M&P Shield. This is an excellent holster. It fits very well and is comfortable to wear. Even as a bigger guy it rides in a good spot and I even have the extra mag holder on my other side and it too fits great. It was great to have a local person to custom make this for me. I am left handed and the rentention and trigger guard are perfect. The price was excellent too. I even bought the range holster too!

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Got my new 3i holster today and it is great. I got the inside the waistband with the sweet guard for a Hi Point C9. It fits Great. I took the holster from the box to my belt and it works Great. Did not have to make any adjustment at all. Will be placing more orders in the future. I went to a gun show last week and they had nothing to compare to the 3i holster. Thanks for a Great product. I saw 3i holster on a YouTube video by J. Dalton.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I would like to take the opportunity to add a review/comments regarding my recent purchase of a 3i holster. First off, allow me to say, if I could give 10 stars, I would. I found 3i Holsters through a simple google search and much to my surprise, I find they are a local company. After searching the available guns, I find my carry piece of choice is not listed (Sig 229R). On a whim, I contacted the company via email and was quickly, and I mean very quickly replied to by Scott, whom I later found out to be the owner. From this point on, nothing but courteous and prompt communication and service. Scott informed me that if willing, I could bring my gun to him and he would gladly mold a holster specifically tailored to me. After a brief email discussion, I did just that. Upon arrival at Scott’s shop, I was greeted by a very pleasant dog who deserved a quick scratch, and then greeted by Scott. I presented my Sig and discussed various options and my intentions for using the holster. I preferred a convertable holster that can be primarily carried OWB, however, I wanted the capability to quickly change to IWB if need be. I also wanted a matching single mag carrier. I chose my color Kydex, rivets, and attachment options. Scott advised me no problem. After a tour of operations and the pleasure of meeting his son, I left my gun and ideas in his hands. Communications continued and I was advised of progress every step of the way. Upon completion, I was promptly sent pics for review. Now, going by the pics, everything seemed in order. So, I returned to Scott’s shop, again greeted by a pleasant dog, and and equally pleasant Scott. From contact to order, to delivery, everything was prompt, courteous, and simple. I could not ask for a better experience. Oh, did I mention, turnaround was less than 10 days on a custom order. Yea, less than 10. No one accomplishes that these days, and certainly not at Scott’s competitive prices.

    Now for the review. First, the Kydex is thick. Quite thick, actually. You can feel the quality and sturdiness as soon as you hold it. The cant was perfect. Retention screw is well placed and included, no upcharge. Plenty of rivets to secure the shells and all edges are meticulously polished. Scott included my choice of attachments. I chose C clips for IWB, and Kydex wings for OWB. The curve was perfectly fit to my body. I placed it on my belt, cinched it tight, inserted my firearm and covered it with a large t shirt. Disappeared. It’s light weight and secure with perfect retention. I was more than pleased to say the least. I’ve had the opportunity to wear the holster both ways for a few days and a quick trip to the range. Man, this thing is perfect in every detail. Form and function are flawless. I could not be happier. Probably the best holster I own. Hands down. Definitely 5+ stars.

    So, in my opinion, if your looking for a great Kydex holster, priced right, well built, look no further. If you want top notch customer service from a truly stand up guy, and if you want a fast turnaround, then you have to contact Scott at 3i Holsters. I personally couldn’t be more pleased and I look forward to future dealings with his company.

    Oh, and did I mention, LE, FD, EMS, Military discount. What more can one ask for. Have a good day.

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