Range and Carry – 5stars

I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship. It looks great!!! It fits my glock 27 very well, and I really like the low profile design.

Scott  from Cincinnati, Ohio


Quick Clip  – 5 stars

I had Jared make me a Quick Clip for my M&P Shield. I liked it so much I had him make one for my PF9.  The positioning of the clip allows for deep concealment.  There is enough material to protect the gun from sweat but doesn’t get in the way when drawing the firearm.  Some kydex holsters are molded around the trigger.  The Quick Clip has a completely covered trigger guard but the kydex never touches the actual trigger of my gun. Fit and finish is great and so is the price!

Jason Dalton  JLA Armament from Zanesville, Ohio


Range and Carry  – 5 stars

At first sight i could tell the holster and mag carrier were well crafted.  I liked how I could customize the holster to my specific preferences.  As I inserted a glock 17 I could tell the fit, finish, and retention were spot on.  The holster is lightweight, low profile, and the craftsmanship is the best I have seen. Great Product!

Jim Arbuckle, Gunsmith   JLA Armament from Zanesville, Ohio


Range and Carry – 5 stars

I have been using the Range and Carry holster for a month now.  I am a drywaller and carry a glock 26 daily.  Depending on the type of work I am doing(estimates, hanging, sanding, or finishing) I will carry a leather kydex hybrid holster or the Range and Carry holster. I love how I can clean the kydex. I hose the dust and grime out of the holster and its done.  I adjusted the loops so the gun rides higher on my body. Im 6ft 160lbs and can conceal my g26 with a large t-shirt.  Great Product!

Jason from Nashport, Ohio